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There are three registration modules below, one for adult officials, the other for Junior officials and one just for a US Lacrosse registration + LAXCON. 

Note, the registration module for Junior officials (born between 2/1/2002 and 2/1/2006 and are in high school) must be completed by the minor's parent or legal guardian.  Any registration or account established by a junior official will be purged.  

Payment is expected at the time of registration.  Accounts not paid within a few days of registration will be automatically purged.

Adult Official Registration 2020/21

This umpire registration module is for adults only (18 years or older).

During this registration process, you will:

  • Provide contact information
  • Establish or renew your US Lacrosse membership directly with US Lacrosse ($35 if 18; $55 if 19 or older)
  • Pay the NCWLO your annual registration dues of $55 on or before 12/31 / $75 after 12/31 by credit-card.
  • Electronically acknowledge reading and agreeing to the NCWLO Policies and Procedures, USL Women's Game Policies and Procedures and NCWLO independent contractor's agreement
  • Agree to use the arbiter website for receiving your work schedule and payments.
  • Select dates and times for various training sessions
  • Should you have any questions or issues regarding the registration process, contact the Registrar at Registrar@ncwlo.org
  • If you have any questions about training dates, times and locations please contact the Vice President at vptraining@ncwlo.org

Opened: 12/05/2020
Closes: 06/30/2021

74 registrations