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There are two registration modules below, one for adult officials, the other for Junior officials. 

Note, the registration module for Junior officials (born between 2/1/2002 and 2/1/2006 and are in high school) must be completed by the minor's parent or legal guardian.  Any registration or account established by a junior official will be purged.  

Payment is expected at the time of registration.  Accounts not paid within a few days of registration will be automatically purged.

Junior Official Registration 2020/21

IMPORTANT:  You must attended a training class on Feb 8th or 9th and a Rating Session on Feb 22nd or 23rd  to officiate this year.

This registration module is for Junior officials who are born between 2/1/2002 and 2/1/2006 and are in high school.  Only the Junior official's parent or legal guardian may complete this registration.  Registrations found to be completed by someone other than the official's parent or legal guardian will be purged and that official will not be allowed to be registered in the future.

During this registration process the parent or legal guardian will:

  • Provide their own as well as their child's contact information
  • Establish their own US Lacrosse profile and then establish or renew their child's US Lacrosse membership directly with US Lacrosse 
  • Pay the NorCal Women's Lacrosse Officials' annual registration dues of $45 by credit-card.
  • Electronically acknowledge reading and agreeing to the NCWLO Policies and Procedures, USL Women's Game Policies and Procedures and NCWLO independent contractor's agreement
  • Agree to use the arbiter website for receiving your work schedule and payments.
  • Select dates and times for various training sessions
  • Should you have any questions or issues regarding the registration process, contact the Registrar at Registrar@ncwlo.org.  If you have any questions about training dates, times and locations please contact the Vice President of Training at vptraining@ncwlo.org

Base Cost: $45.00

Opened: 07/30/2020
Closes: 03/19/2021

Open to:
born between: 02/01/2001 and 01/31/2006

0 registrations