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Referee Check List

Wondering what you need to do as an official to be qualified to do games

  1. Register on NCWLO (Register)
    • Register with US Lacrosse, included with NCWLO registration above
    • Adults only, complete and pass backgrond check which is part of US Lacrosse registration
  2. Complete NFHS "Concussion in Sports Course" (Link) and then   (One time)
  3. Complete PCA Training, Honoring the Game: The Official's Role in Creating a Positive Youth Sports Culture (Link) and then   (One time)
  4. Complete US Lacrosse Girls Lacrosse Rules Online Course (Link) - One time
  5. Complete 2019 US Lacrosse Girls' Rules Changes Webinar (Link) and then s
  6. Complete Classroom Training
  7. Complete NFHS Rules Test with passing score (Link) Adults
  8. Complete US Lacrosse Youth Rules Test with passing score (Link) Juniors and Adults
  9. Order Uniforms / Gear (Link)
  10. Attend Field Training and obtain a rating
  11. Confirm registration on Arbiter for assignments (Arbiter Sports)
  12. Set up Arbiter Pay account, if needed



Additional Information

USL Rating Information