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Required Uniform

  1. Official's Striped Short or Long Sleeve Jersey

  2. Black Skirt, Skort or shorts 

  3. Penalty Flag (yellow)

  4. Lacrosse Warning Cards (red, yellow and green)

  5. Whistle - recommended W50, W10 or FOX 40

  6. Predominantly black sneakers, cleats or turf shoes


  1. Smitty Official's Apparel Outlet Store
  2. D-1 Sports Apparel
  3. Purchase Officials Supplies
  4. Honig's
  5. Fox 40 (whistle and protective gear, 25% discount code "Referee")
  6. Ump-Attire.com
  7. Yolo Sports Wear- BEST FIT for Women and Teens- Order ASAP they will sell out.'


Women's Skirts or Skort:

  1. Yolo SportsWear (BEST FIT- ORDER NOW these will sell out by Feb 4th )
  2. Ultra Gym Skirt
  3. Women's Athletic Skirt
  4. Chicho Women's Teens Skirt
Accessories/ Cold Gear: (optional)

Uniform standards, expectations

NCWLO: Professional Standard:

Uniform items must meet requirements:

  • Black and white striped shirts must be able to be tucked in and have a front pocket, and collar. Warm weather bottoms must be NO MORE THAN 3 inches above the knee for all genders. This applies to shorts, skorts, and kilts. All black leggings and spandex may be worn UNDER shorts, skorts, and kilts during cold or inclement weather. Pants must be all black and of loose fitting material. NO LEGGINGS, or SPANDEX may be worn as the sole uniform bottom.

    USA Lacrosse Women's Game Officials' Training Manual

    Be professionally attired in the official uniform: black kilt, shorts, or pants; one inch vertically striped black and
    white shirt (short or long sleeves); one inch vertically striped jacket or solid black jacket (if called for because of
    the weather); and black accessories (visor, hat, turtleneck, shoes, whistle, lanyard, sunglasses). Officiating teams
    should make every effort to match each other. The team should determine if they will be wearing long or short
    sleeves, long pants, or shorts/kilts prior to the game and all wear the same.

    Use a bag, preferably black, to carry a rule book; a whistle; green, yellow, and red warning cards; a yellow flag;
    a tape measure; a pen or pencil and a coin.