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Required Uniform

  1. Official's Striped Short or Long Sleeve Jersey

  2. Black Skort or shorts - recommended Under Armour Center Court Skort.

  3. Penalty Flag (yellow)

  4. Lacrosse Warning Cards (red, yellow and green)

  5. Whistle - recommended W50, W10 or FOX 40


Uniform items must meet requirements:

  1. Black and white striped shirts must be able to be tucked in and have a front pocket, and collar.

  2. Warm weather bottoms must be NO MORE THAN 3 inches above the knee for all genders. This applies to shorts, skorts, and kilts. All black leggings and spandex may be worn UNDER shorts, skorts, and kilts during cold or inclement weather.

  3. Pants must be all black and of loose fitting material. NO LEGGINGS, or SPANDEX may be worn as the sole uniform bottom.

Uniform standards, expectations and sources


Professionalism: (USL manual)

It is important as an official to present yourself professionally. This means being prepared with the proper uniform and equipment. It means being on time and ready to go. It means knowing the rules and how to enforce them. In short, BE PREPARED and ready to call a safe and fair game.

NCWLO: Professional Standard:

All officials representing the NCWLO shall adhere to the highest level of professionalism. The NCWLO has approved the following uniform. Officials who do not wear the approved uniform are in jeopardy of forfeiting pay for the games they worked “out of professional uniform”.